YWCA-YMCA of Sweden held an international course in youth, peace, security and video production in which two of our YMCA members from Madagascar, Mialy Sombiniaina Rakotondrasoa and Thierry Randrianarison have participated.
My name is RAVELOHARISOA Honintsoa, but everyone calls me Honintsoa. I am a 22 years old young Malagasy girl from […]
"Se former, s’enrichir à travers la pratique et l’expérimentation et se développer avec un renforcement de capacité continu c’est l’essentielle pour entreprendre."
66 jeunes volontaires du programme « Development Alternative » ont reçu des vivres sous forme de panier garnis ainsi que des masques […]
The minute I landed to the island, that is when I felt that there is no turning back and is the beginning of the real journey of the YAC exchange program. In fact, the journey started in Uganda in a camp and then Kenya for an intense three weeks training and now Madagascar where I will spend six months