45 Schools and around 5000 pupils got masks, hand sanitizer, boxes of soaps and handwashing boxes to protect them from […]
Le programme « Change Agent » de YMCA est un programme internationale de développement de leadership, en vue d’autonomiser les jeunes leaders des YMCAs et de développer les capacités des mouvements, surtout locales. En plus d‘impact positivement la vie des jeunes dans le monde, le programme est surtout un investissement à la pérennisation de YMCA.
Our Volunteer from Norway, with some YMCA Clubs invite you to join our new club « Y-Documentary ». Together we will: – […]
A LEAP OF FAITH - WANDILE BUTHELEZI In life we go to places and spaces that we have never ever imagined we would ever set foot into. We take great leaps in our faith and try by all means to grow from any experience that we encounter in life. Over and above everything else, one needs to remain forever grateful.
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