« …stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, because you know your labour in the work of the Lord is not in vain. » 1 Corinthians 15:58. With this verse, it explains it all, being a mother is a God-ordained mission, field and assignment that only you can fulfill. Some might say they became mothers by mistake, well that is not true, the moment one decides to push through with the pregnancy, the bond will grow, with every passing day the connection will make one have the capacity of protecting their unborn child with their own life. At that moment you will be fulfilling God’s assignment. At that time you will realize your labour isn’t in vain, God will lead you all the way. Being a mother is discovering strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed. A mother will hold her children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

Your kids watch you for a living. It’s their job; it’s what they do, that’s why it is important to try your best to be a good role model- James Lehman. Every mother will want the best for her child no matter the level or class they are in. I would not want my daughter to lack the basics in life simply because I never got the opportunity to have some. I would want her into grow to a lady who would discern what is healthy and what isn’t healthy in her life, with my guidance. Hence in this Young Advocates for Change program, my abilities and skills are being sharpened in a positive way, of which in the long run I can view myself as a better person, a better mother.

Being on this exchange program as a young mother, I not only get management and leadership skills, but my life skills grow as well, I get to meet different people (different mothers for that fact.) In their different cultures and how they treat and raise their children, it is a learning curve, where I’ll have to discern the good traits and keep them.

Every mother would feel proud to see their children grow every single day. As they make their first steps, their first fall, their first run, their first words, complete sentences and even the very first song they will get to sing. How they’ll get to hold a pen and scribble unreadable things up until they develop to words, phrases and advance to sentences then paragraphs. Walking them to school and back, preparing their favourite meals and watch them eat to their satisfaction. Give them a shower as you both laugh over silly stuff, dress them up and have lots of fun while at it. Pray for (and with) them. Lull them to sleep and tuck then in bed, watch them as they sleep and all. When they get ill, as a mother your heart freezes but they look up to you as their first doctor. Take them to hospital, nurse them till they heal. Having picnics and days out to enjoy youselves and bond the more… All that and so much more is what am sacrificing as a mother to get to do and see.

All in all am sure one day my daughter will get to understand all this was done for her, to make her better than I am. Grow to understand that if she has the courage to make it through a lonely night with nothing but her self destructive thoughts to keep her company, then she has the courage to make it through anything.

To my dearest, sweetest and most charming daughter any mother could ask for « mama loves you very much. I’ll never finish loving you, i will forever dance with you in the rain and be sure that in the storm I’ll never leave your side no matter how hard it will be. And when you will be happy, i will always enjoy the music with you, whenever you’ll be sad as well I’ll understand the lyrics with you as well. I love you dear. »

To all mothers around the world. Happy Mothers Day. To the world you are mothers but to them you are the world.


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